Accurate solar system data for everyone

Cerridwen provides geocentric planetary data suitable for a broad spectrum of astronomical and astrological applications, with a focus on our solar system. Among its data you will find, for example, the time of the next sunrise or that of the last full moon, or simply the current tropical position of the sun.

It comes with a simple command-line utility and a JSON server, but is also designed to serve as a basis for your own application.

API example

Cerridwen's REST API is designed to be very simple to use.

Let's send a GET request for some basic sun data to the server:

curl -X GET http://cerridwen.bluemagician.vc/api/v1/sun
The corresponding JSON reply looks like this:
        "jd": 2456816.282638889, 
        "iso_date": "2014-06-07T18:46:59Z", 
        "position": {
                "absolute_degrees": 76.94307934427516, 
                "sign": "Gemini", 
                "deg": 16.943079344275162, 
                "min": 56.58476065650974, 
                "rel_tuple": [
        "dignity": null

We did not include an observer position in our request, so rise and set times are omitted in the reply.

You can find more elaborate examples and a detailed specification of the currently supported endpoints in the HTTP API section of the documentation.

Python module

Please check Cerridwen's PyPI entry for more information.

Cerridwen's full documentation can be found at Read the Docs.

Wanted: You!

What Cerridwen needs first and foremost are users! Try it, spread the word and give me your feedback. Donations are also highly appreciated. Every little bit helps me spend more time on Cerridwen and related non-profit projects. I offer consulting as well.

Want to show your appreciation in a way not listed here? Shoot me a mail and tell me what you have in mind!